The Job Evaluation Workshop Course


Human Resources professionals who have responsibility for this function and need to improve their skills, and professionals in other areas of Human Resources who need to sharpen their knowledge of job evaluation, its uses and administration.


  • Master the basic principles of job evaluation.
  • Explain the three basic methods of job evaluation.
  • Evaluate jobs using the job evaluation system.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of effective administration of job evaluation systems.
  • Assess the job evaluation options available and make informed decisions on which job evaluation system to use and why.


Day One

Introduction and Overview

  • What Job Evaluation Is and Is Not
  • The Objectives of Job Evaluation
  • How Job Evaluation Assists in the Achievement of Compensation Objectives 
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Job Evaluation
  • Commitment to the Process and Results

Day Two

Job Evaluation Methods

  • Job Evaluation Methods – Choosing the One for You
  • Simple Ranking
  • Grade Classification
  • Factor Comparison
  • Factor Points Systems 
  • Choice of System

Day Three

Factor Point Systems Part 1 – The Different Systems

  • Factor Points Systems Developments
  • The Main Factor Points Systems – Outlined and Explained
  • What Is Common about All Factor Points Systems
  • Analysis of Available Regional Factor Points Systems
  • The Meirc Job Evaluation System
  • The Hay Guide Chart Profile Method
  • Comparing the Main Factor Points Systems
  • Computer-Based Systems – History and Usage

Day Four

Factor Point Systems Part 2 – Using a Factor Points System

  • Job Evaluation Guidelines
  • Sources of Error in Job Evaluation
  • Key Ingredients for Evaluators
  • Practical – Evaluating Jobs
  • Preparation for Project

Day Five

Administration and Maintenance

  • Importance of Job Descriptions
  • Job Evaluation Policy
  • Confidentiality in Job Evaluation
  • The Job Evaluation Process 
  • Administration and Procedures
  • How Job Evaluation Can Be Manipulated
  • Managing Job Evaluation through the Committee Process
  • Importance of Communication in Job Evaluation
  • Terms Used in Job Evaluation


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