Modern strategic leadership course for communications and media

Venue: London
Dates: 28/7/24 to 1/8/24
Price: 4950 GBP

In today’s dynamic world, effective leadership is crucial. Leaders must be well-versed in modern strategic leadership, particularly in the realms of communication and media. Whether your goal is to enhance core leadership skills or acquire the tools to instigate change within your organisation, our programmes are meticulously crafted to address essential needs at various career stages, thereby maximising your impact.

What Is Leadership Communication?

Leadership communication encompasses messages that convey a company’s culture and core values. These messages are vital to key stakeholders, including employees, customers, strategic partners, shareholders, and the media. Communication from leaders is pivotal as it directly influences the company’s vision, mission, and adaptability to change. The primary aim of such messages is to foster trust in the workplace and maintain employee engagement.

The Importance of the Modern Strategic Leadership Course for Communications and Media

This course emphasises the critical link between strategic communication and leadership. It delves into the role contemporary leaders must play in tackling urgent and complex societal challenges. Participants from diverse backgrounds will gain insights into the issues, concepts, and perspectives shaping modern society and business. The course will equip you with an understanding of the strategic importance of communication in contemporary organisations and its societal impact.

Course Outcomes

Upon completing this programme, you will gain:

  1. Tools and frameworks to refine your personal leadership purpose in harmony with your organisation’s goals.
  2. Skills to address workplace challenges, such as handling difficult conversations, leading teams, and managing complexity.
  3. Leadership strategies for driving organisational change and preparing for the future while maintaining team performance.
  4. An understanding of the six foundational leadership skills.
  5. Knowledge of leadership programmes focused on these skills:
    • Communication
    • Leading Change
    • Developing Self
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Influence
    • Leading for Inclusion

Modern Strategic Leadership Course for Communications and Media Curriculum

In five days, acquire the essential skills for managerial success, including strategy formulation, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision-making, implementing change, and managing organisational culture. The programme covers the following modules:

Day One: Effective Leadership

  • Effective leadership and high performance Reflect on the relationship between effective leadership and organisational performance.
  • Strategic thinking
  • Media leadership

Day Two: The Job of the Leader

  • Envisioning and engaging Understand vision and engagement as core activities of leaders.
  • Decision-making and connection Learn about decision-making and connection as core leadership activities.

Day Three: Power and Influence

  • Leading with power and influence Explore the role of power and influence in leadership.
  • Leading teams for effective performance Examine the functions and dynamics of high-performance leadership.

Day Four: Leading Change

  • Strategies and models for leading change Investigate the leader’s role in driving change.
  • Crisis management and problem solving Manage communications and media during crises.

Day Five: Evaluating Communications

  • Mastering complexity and plurality Develop strategies to handle the inherent complexity in leadership.
  • Reflecting on your purpose as a leader Align your personal purpose with your organisation’s goals.
  • Evaluating communications Develop skills for evaluating and correcting internal and external communications.
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