Human Resources Management Course


In order to satisfy today’s ever increasing business requirements, Human Resource Mangers need to respond by delivering effective creative solutions on a global scale to ensure HR maintains the strategic harmony of the business and the decision makers/leaders.

HR cannot be seen as a burdensome cost, it must create the opportunities and environment to support, and where necessary, lead key business initiatives.

HR has an increasingly important role to play; the challenges for the future will mean a significant re think of how HR currently contributes to the business, but just as importantly how it’s contribution and value is measured.

This innovative programme will cover the latest thinking, models and approaches to International HR delivery. Those attending this programme will:

  • Experience the latest thinking regarding international HR strategy
  • Have a unique opportunity to sample a number of HR delivery measurement and assessment tools
  • Master HR strategic thinking using an straight forward approach
  • Be able to improve organisational performance by adopting a new approach to staff development and retention


  • Experience new HR frameworks and understand the potential resource development improvements required
  • Use the new Human Resource maturity model to assess the ‘departments health’ and develop appropriate strategies
  • Understand and use strategic models and implementation processes to deliver future focused requirements
  • Use an organisational model questionnaire to plot the current ‘performance’ of the organisation
  • Understand and be able to create/deliver corporate programmes to initiate organisational cultural changes
  • Examine new motivational model(s) and questionnaires to re-energizing the organisation
  • Develop existing, or create new appraisal systems to produce measurable improvements in performance and competency skill sets
  • Understand and be able to develop creativity within the team to improve HR performance
  • Consider the implications of pay, benefits and rewards when linked to performance reviews
  • Explore knowledge management along with the expanding role of emotional intelligence in tomorrows organisation
  • Create added value to satisfy key HR performance indicators


Day One

Changing business expectations and the resulting demands placed on Human Resources

  • Introductions
  • Businesses experiencing global change
  • The impact of technology, and the way business will be conducted in the future – case study
  • The need to change organisational structures to match the business needs – Video
  • How changing internal and external customer requirements will impact on all current HR concepts
  • Where are you now? The HR change model -questionnaire analysis and discussion
  • Day one review

Day Two

How strategy works – Examining the models, implementation and measurement strategies

  • Strategic models – the value and how they work including case studies
  • Mission statements, measurement tools and monitoring progress and celebrating improvements
  • Strategic models for use within the business, incorporating organisational tools for managing conflicting activities
  • Creativity and innovation – their role in strategic thinking, Including exercises
  • End of day review

Day Three

Translating strategy into action and examining changes in corporate culture

  • How strategy can be translated into business plans
  • Model to produce plans that can be measured
  • Creating HR quality plans – how leading international companies to do it, practical exercises
  • Assessing bottom line benefits and delivering measurable business benefits
  • How organisations fall into the trap of failing to plan – planning to fail
  • End of day review

Day Four

Significant changes in how International HR will function in the future, and the implications

  • Process and staff re-engineering HR activities
  • The three tier model for HR –benefits to the business
  • Managing/ developing Human Capital and knowledge management
  •  Developing, deploying and measurement of competencies in successful performance management processes
  • Using Corporate culture –how to develop a corporate culture template –practical case study and exercise
  • Running successful recruitment campaigns using, psychometric testing’ personality questionnaires and competency frameworks
  • End of day review

Day Five

Demonstrating how specific HR actions can help improve the efficiency of the organisation

  • Monitoring of the manpower plan, understanding rightsizing the organisation – an ongoing process
  • ow pay and conditions strategies can dramatically improve productivity – at no extra cost to the organisation
  • Reviewing performance appraisals – delivering year on year improvements in competence and performance
  • How a new motivation model, and motivational tools/techniques can achieve measurable results
  • Successful corporate communications – a new role for HR?
  • Managing trends; intellect management, remote working, using predictive forecasting methods
  • End of programme review


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