aPHRi Preparation-Associate Professional in Human Resources-International Course

The Contents:

HR Operations

  • Organizational strategy and its connection to mission, vision, values, business goals, and objectives
  • Organizational culture 
  • Legal and regulatory environment
  • Confidentiality and privacy rules that apply to employee records, company data,
  • and individual data
  • Business functions 
  • HR administration, policies, and procedures 
  • HR Metrics 
  • Tools to compile data 
  • Methods to collect data 
  • Reporting and presentation techniques 
  • Impact of technology on HR
  • Employee records management
  • Reporting requirements about the workforce
  • Purpose and function of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Job classifications
  • Job descriptions
  • Reporting structure
  • Types of external providers of HR services 
  • Communication techniques

Recruitment and Selection

  • Applicable laws and regulations related to recruitment and selection 
  • Applicant databases
  • Recruitment sources 
  • Recruitment methods
  • Alternative staffing practices 
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Pre- and post-offer activities
  • Orientation and on-boarding

Compensation and Benefits

  • Applicable laws and regulations related to compensation and benefits, such as monetary and non-monetary entitlement, wage and hour, and privacy
  • Pay structures and programs
  • Total rewards
  • Benefit programs
  • Payroll terminology
  • Data collection for salary and benefits surveys
  • Insurance claims,  ling, or processing requirements
  • Work-life balance practices

Human Resource Development and Retention

  • Applicable laws and regulations related to training and development activities 
  • Training delivery format 
  • Techniques to evaluate training programs
  • Career development practices 
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Performance management practices

Employee Relations

  • Applicable laws affecting employment environments, labor relations, and privacy
  • Employee and employer rights and responsibilities
  • Workplace behavior issues
  • Methods for investigating complaints or grievances
  • Progressive discipline
  • Off-boarding or termination activities
  • Employee relations programs
  • Workforce reduction and restructuring terminology

Health, Safety, and Security

  • Applicable laws and regulations related to workplace health, safety, security, and privacy
  • Risk management in the workplace
  • Security risks in the workplace


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